Macro Abstract Bark Collection

Macro Abstract Bark Collection

Nature’s textures are transformed into captivating works of art.

Shop by Colour Pallete

Shop by Colour Pallete

Earthy Neutrals

We are Shire Arthouse. Aussie locals. Photographers, enthusiasts, makers, and creators. We are explorers, beachgoers, surfers. We are fathers and sons…

Cronulla Collections

Featured Collection: Cronulla – New Releases

Esplanade View
$79.00 $1,399.00
Shoes Entry
$79.00 $1,399.00
Morning Walk
$79.00 $1,399.00
Cronulla Ambience II
$79.00 $1,399.00
Pastel Rise
$79.00 $1,399.00
Fresh Mornings
$79.00 $1,399.00
$79.00 $1,399.00
Morning Rituals III
$79.00 $1,399.00
Cronulla Ambience I
$79.00 $1,399.00
Elouera Crowd III
$79.00 $1,399.00
Elouera Crowd I
$79.00 $1,399.00
Cool Down II
$79.00 $1,399.00

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Sizes to suit any interior or why not customise your own…

Our artworks are made to order in Australia by us. That means you can choose from our range of standard sizes or we can produce your selected artwork in a size that suits you

Australia shire art house artwork

Shire Arthouse Studio

Shire Arthouse, located in the heart of Cronulla, houses an extensive collection of iconic Australian photographic artworks.

The Containers
Access via Surf Lane
26 Cronulla St Rear

Virtual Styling

See how an artwork will look in your space


Measure the area you would like the artwork to fill & mark out the four corners with blue tac. Please note the measurements and size of artwork in the email

Snap a photo

Position yourself straight infront of the area that you have marked out so that you can capture the wall and any furniture in front so we can provide a styled mockup.

Send us an email

Email the image along with your wishlist and image name to Please allow a minimum of 72 hours to reply with your mockup.

Shire art house 1
Shire Arthouse photographic artwork styling
Shire Arthouse modern artwork styling
Shire Arthouse interior artwork styling
Shire Arthouse dining room artwork styling

Design solutions for Interior Decorators

Recent Projects

Printed on Paper:
white border, timber box frame
of your choice and acrylic glass.

Printed on Canvas:
floating timber frame of choice

Oak Divers
Oak Divers 1
Oak Divers

Oak Divers

Oak Divers 1

Oak Divers 1

Shire Arthouse Design Solutions
Get the latest artwork at wholesale prices

bob weeks & co
cronulla memories

Cronulla Memories,
Bob Weeks & Co.

Bob Weeks; Iconic collection encapsulates the Cronulla lifestyle throughout the 1960s

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